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danger caution hidden knowledge

danger caution hidden knowledge

The Electric Universe Theory

Interesting collection of articles, reports, experiments with presentations of results, and an assortment of speakers with audio or video presentations discussing an eternal, living, electrically charged Universe. Homepage 

The Modern Hermeticist

Dan Attrell is a talented lecturer who has a grasp of history that will astound you. A great place to start with him is his Encyclopedia Hermetica: A Big History series of audio lectures on, you guessed it- The History of Human Civilization YouTube Channel

Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is a Catastrophist Historian and Author who has a wealth of material that he has presented over the years, both books and video projects, including a recurring gig making appearances on the well known History Channel show, Ancient Aliens. Graham is very erudite, and convincing in his presentation of his theories regarding a a meteor impact at the end of the last Ice Age during what is known to Geologists and Archaeologists as the Younger Dryas Period, around 11,500 years ago. This meteor impact and its effects, if accurately understood by Hancock, literally re write human and biological history as we know it. Homepage

News by nerds, for nerds. This site is somewhat user curated news, with some promoted stories in the mix as well from the site administrators. Slashdot is heavily tech slanted (pun intended sorry not sorry) but as I see it- if the developer and IT community cares about and is tracking a story, it might have a larger impact on the rest of us soon. Check them out and see if you don't like them as much as I do for staying ahead of the CNN's and MSNBC's Slashdot

Mint Press News

From their About Us: "MintPress News is an independent watchdog journalism organization that provides issue-based original reporting, in-depth investigations, and thoughtful analysis of the most pressing topics facing our nation."  I would add that I find them to be a great alternative to curators like Huffpost, NPR, etc. Homepage 

History of Hemp Cultivation

This PDF doc, a detailed historical timeline of the cultivation and uses of Hemp and Cannabis by humans- is being used in episodes 001-003, and possibly beyond. Hosted copy of the PDF located HERE